Former Employee of Dutch Hosting Provider deletes the entire customer data

a supplier of dedicated KVM and VPS servers primarily based within the Hague, Kingdom of The Netherlands, suffered a ruinous outage once a former administrator deleted all client data and wiped most of the company’s servers.

Details of what specifically happened are not offered, however in keeping with posts on numerous internet hosting forums, the incident seems to own taken place yesterday, once users could not access their servers or the company’s web site.

Verelox’s homepage came back on-line earlier these days, however the web site was plastered with a grim message informing users of the ex-admin’s actions.

Following the incident, the hosting supplier set to require the remainder of its network offline and targetconvalescent client knowledge.

Verelox estimates it’ll be back on-line on. the corporate guarantees compensation for users who still wish to staytheir customers once this unfortunate event.

Customers asked to reset server passwords

The hosting supplier is asking users to reset all server passwords once service is rehabilitated. Verelox employees do not believe they’ll recover all data.

Nevertheless, the hosting supplier has provided an email address wherever customers with vital data will contact employees and inquire regarding the standing of their files.

During this period of time, the corporate said servers won’t be billed and every one consumer accounts are frozen.

Verelox failed to reply to letter of invitation for comment from News Companies in time for this article’s publication.

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