Zoom Conferencing App Exposes Users Email IDs And Photos To Other Users

One more privacy issue has been spotted in Zoom. This time, researchers have found that the Zoom app potentially exposes users’ email addresses and photos to other users. However this behavior seems more of a ‘feature’ than a ‘bug’.

Reportedly, Motherboard has found another privacy issue in the Zoom video conferencing app. As revealed in their blog post, the Zoom app exposes users’ email addresses and photos to others.

Initially, a user on Twitter posted about this messy feature.

further investigation revealed that the problem lies within the “Company Directory” of the app. This feature fetches a list of users with email addresses having the same domains. Ideally, this feature facilitates users to find relevant contacts, such as colleagues in the workplace.

However, this feature seems particularly aimed at business users. For people who signed up with their personal email addresses, this may be chaotic to pool up strange users together. In fact, it becomes more of a privacy breach than a feature.

Though it doesn’t force users to connect, it does, however, expose users’ email IDs and photos to strangers.

Regarding this feature, Zoom states,

At the time of writing this article, this issue of leaking users’ details remains unfixed.

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